Extern Finder Launches Innovative Externship Platform for Students, Schools, and Employers

Tampa, FL – Extern Finder, a new online platform focused on connecting students, schools, and employers for externship opportunities, announces its official launch. The platform aims to provide students and recent graduates with valuable real-world experience in their desired field and bridge the gap between education and employment.

Extern Finder offers a comprehensive array of externship services to assist students in kickstarting their careers. Students can create a professional profile, search and apply for externships, and network with potential employers in their industry. Employers can post externship listings, search for and connect with top talent, and enhance their brand presence on the platform. Schools can also leverage Extern Finder to connect with employers and offer students access to externship opportunities and career resources.

“Externships are a crucial step in a student’s career journey, and we’re proud to launch Extern Finder, a platform that streamlines the externship process for students, schools, and employers,” said Renel Gilles, founder and CEO of Extern Finder. “Our platform provides a unique opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience and make meaningful connections with potential employers, while also giving employers the chance to find top talent and showcase their brand.”

The benefits of Extern Finder are clear: students have access to numerous externship opportunities and career resources, employers can find top talent and enhance their brand, and schools can connect with employers and offer students access to externship opportunities.

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